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Some time ago we were honored to organize a workshop about employee happiness for an engaged group of international students Future Your Work from Fontys University of Applied Sciences at Eindhoven. We had a blast and learned a lot about the needs and unique ideas of the next generation workers.

At the end of the workshop we challenged the students to write their own blog post on the topic. We've received some great ones that are an interesting mix of honest, personal and nicely written articles. We love all the different perspectives that are present and would like to share them with you too. Check out their posts below.

Leonie Laatzen (Germany) - Being an introvert in the workplace

But what about those, who get their energy from spending time on their own? Those, who have brilliant ideas when they are alone? Would Albert Einstein, Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates have developed their ideas sitting in a shared office full of people discussing their plans for the weekend? Probably not!

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Ozlem Akcay (Turkey) - Nowadays, happiness of employees is an important issue or organizations.

Sharing your private life with the team can also build more self-confidence to feel more happy and relaxed at the office. When people come to work, they always try to keep their problems for themselves. This situation affects their motivations on their tasks. People do not have ability to press a button and turn off their emotions which you make unhappy in your life.

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Sue Yoon (South Korea) - Jennifer Soft, Dream Job for Korean Job Seekers

Jennifer Soft is a company which makes software for APM (Application Performance Management). When companies use application for work based on web, Jennifer Soft tests efficiency of the application and monitors it. It is the one of the best company in this field in Korea. Recently, this company got a lot of attention from mascoms and people because of their work rules and health care. Even their principal in working with their partners is attractive and makes them different from the others.

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Natalie Wan (Hong Kong) - Happy Company in China, Starbucks

In this blog, I would like to write about a happy company in China, which is Starbucks (China). Starbucks (China), won the price of “Best employer” and its’ staff are happy at the workplace. I can feel that the staff there are enjoy their work though and happy though their service. Their smile is not faked. I can see their enthusiastic about their work.

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Erwin Oomen (Netherlands) - Happiness @ work?!

In my case a working environment that makes me happy would mean, being treated  with respect, being able to work without having to look over your shoulder every second of the day to make sure if the boss in not hounding you. Although the previous sentences make it look like I’m all aboard on the whole autonomy and freedom for all concept, I would like to add that for me to be able to work to my full potential would mean, having targets, having deadlines and having supervisors to check if I did a good job.*

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