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Ever since our first visit to Haier in 2017, we've been researching the company in great detail. Our current collaboration with Haier focuses on researching its way of working and sharing it with individuals and organizations around the world. On this page, you'll find an overview of content and how you can learn more from Haier.

Case study course

By far the best way to learn about Haier and its RenDanHeyi model is through our online course 'How Haier Works'. You'll learn directly from Haier founder Zhang Ruimin and many of the employees who flourish within the company's unique management structure.

Check out the course here.


Our book, Start-up Factory, is a deep dive into Haier and its revolutionary RenDanHeYi model. For more information on the book, click here.

Blog posts

Here you find all blogs about Haier:

Blogs from 2018:

Blogs from 2019:

Blogs from 2020:

Blogs from 2021:

Blogs from 2022:

Site visits

Part of our collaboration with Haier focuses on giving individuals and organizations the opportunity to learn directly from them. We organize site visits so you can conduct your own research. It includes visits to production sites and interviews with Haier employees.

For more information about such visits, contact us at info@corporate-rebels.com.