How To Have Better Meetings

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How in the world do we have better meetings? It's a question on so many people's minds — and probably has been for decades, honestly. Whether online or offline, most meetings tend to be boring, frustrating and ineffective. Luckily, most employees and teams can fix them rather easily. Here's how.

Corporate torture

Back in my corporate career days, I hated meetings.

There were too many of them. They were too crowded. The purpose was unclear. Dominant people would hijack them. Nobody listened to each other. And, after 60 minutes (or more!), people were happy to leave so they could finally get back to work.

Over the years, we learned from various pioneering organizations that it doesn't have to be that way. Meetings can be fun, energetic, and, image this: highly productive.

We've worked with these pioneers to create a fully on-demand course for the Corporate Rebels Academy.

It's called "Run better meetings."

Run better meetings

Two weeks ago, we launched an early bird promotion for this course. To our great excitement, all 50 tickets have already sold out.

As of now, the course is available to all. The course is fully on-demand and is therefore made to study entirely in your own time and at your own pace.

Ready to run better meetings?

To purchase access to the course, click here.

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