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Today we're adding an important development to the Corporate Rebels community. We're officially launching The Corporate Rebels Foundation.

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End inhuman workplaces

The mission of Corporate Rebels is to make work more fun. However - for many people - fun at work is a luxury they can't afford.

Far too many people suffer the consequences of truly bad work. From child labor and slavery to unsafe and harmful working conditions. The Corporate Rebels Foundation aims to put an end to this.

In pursuit of our vision, we're making a start by focusing on four themes:

  • Raising awareness of the issue of harmful working conditions
  • Supporting projects in the developing world that will make working conditions safer
  • Supporting projects closer to home that will make working conditions safer
  • Raising awareness of positive alternatives and how our own buying habits and choices can help improve working conditions.

10% of our profits

Last year we announced that Corporate Rebels is giving away 10% of its profits, annually.


Because we believe in purpose-driven organizations. The pragmatism and resourcefulness of entrepreneurship, combined with the power of ideals, is an unstoppable force for good.

The Corporate Rebels Foundation is an extension of that. It's a separate legal entity designed to orchestrate the following:

  • Raising money and resources
  • Selecting projects and charities to support
  • Growing a community of businesses, charities and individuals
  • Increasing awareness of bad work: where it is, what it's like, how to change it.

We will work closely with our community on these activities. Our work, and the projects we support, are guided by 3 core values.

  • Transparency: Frequently, it’s not clear how foundations spend their money. This makes people hesitant to donate. We believe in radical transparency. We expect similar from the causes we support.

  • Rebelliousness: Brave action is required to end inhuman workplaces. To truly have an impact it's vital to stand up for what you believe, and take bold risks. We're not looking for half-hearted commitments. We're funding rebelliousness.

  • Sustainability: Long term solutions are matter most to us. No patch work or superficial fixes. We're here for real impact, now and in the future. Our funding goes towards those with potential to create long term change.

Before today's launch, we've been working hard to get approval of the official Dutch 'ANBI status'. Recently, we got good news: we have successfully passed the strict acceptance criteria. We are now a recognized charity!

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Our first project: A lifetime of safe work

As we've finished most of the groundwork, it's time to start doing what we're here for: ending inhuman workplaces. Our very first project is a collaboration with Bucket List pioneer Jaipur Rugs.

This project will create a lifetime of safe work environment for women in rural India. Here's why, and how.


There are many factors that force the marginalized populace in rural India into a vicious cycle of poverty. For a start, there are limited employment opportunities because of lack of skills or inaccessibility.

The result? Many women are forced to move to big cities to make a living. This not only means they must leave their families; it also means they are forced to work in factories in very poor conditions.

To fight this, we're supporting a project initiated by the Jaipur Rugs Foundation in India.

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What's the aim of the project?

Yash Ranga of the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, says: "The aim is to teach women who live in rural poverty skills so that they can earn money via craftsmanship for the rest of their lives. This means that they are not forced to the big cities to find work under poor labor conditions, but can work in the countryside where they live, and provide for their families in a decent way."

Visit the project page for more information.

How much funding is needed?

Our goal is to raise €20,000 so we can set up a training center and train 50 women for a lifetime of safe work. After 6 months of skills training, they will be able to earn livelihoods at their doorsteps.

The Corporate Rebels Foundation donates the initial fund of €5,000. Another €5,500 is donated by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). We hope to raise the remaining €9,500 through donations from individuals and partner organizations.

Yash: “With the initial funding we will set up a training center for 26 women. We can increase the number of centers as we raise more money."

The first goal of the Corporate Rebels Foundation is to bring in the remaining €9,500 through donations. We'd love to have you on board as a supporter, too!

Click here to donate directly to this project and help bring these women into safe work environments.

How to get involved?

There's a lot to be done in terms of ending inhuman workplaces. Besides creating more awareness and understanding, there's a lot more we need to do to make an impact. Obviously, we can't do that alone. We need your help.

We would love to get many of you involved in the foundation. There are a couple of ways you can do so:

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to the foundation's newsletter. We'll regularly report on projects we're supporting and ways you can help. Plus, we'll regularly write about more personal experiences. What is it like to set up a foundation? Where do we start? What barriers do we have to overcome? What do we learn about ending inhuman workplaces as we go? How can we really create the impact we're looking for?

See it as a backstage pass to setting up and running a foundation. Subscribe here.

2. Recommend

Another way to help us out is by submitting a project you believe is worth supporting. We'd love to involve the community in crowd-sourcing high-impact projects that can help us end inhuman workplaces. Obviously, they need to be a very strong fit with our purpose and our values (as described above).

You can submit a project here.

3. Donate

Last but definitely not least, donating is a great way to support too. With more resources, we will make more impact.

Think of it this way: on this blog we provide free content twice a week. That will continue to be free. We won't charge you a dime. We'll take care of ourselves with our paid work. There is no need to worry about us.

Instead of paying us, why not donate a small amount to the Corporate Rebels Foundation? You'll not just be inspired by our free content you will also support the fight against inhuman workplaces.

Getting inspired and making the world a better place. What's not to like?

Donate now, click here.

Help us to fight the good fight

We're super excited to add this charity work to our ongoing commitment to change workplaces for the better. Another adventure aimed at ensuring that people enjoy their work in safe, dignified and healthy conditions.

Please join us now and donate directly. Click here.

Also, check out the brand new Foundation's website.

If you're part of an organization that wants to donate and/or partner up, contact us at