Lockdown Challenge: #wfhShoutOut

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As many countries around the world return to lockdown, it's time for some human-to-human support. During the earlier lockdown, we crowdsourced lots of useful work-from-home tips (here's the full list). This time round, we need something else. It's time to spread some good old lovin'. Join the lockdown challenge.

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During the pandemic it's easy to submit to negativity, hopelessness or loneliness: especially if we are in lockdown with little social interaction.

To add positivity to these challenging times, we invite you to join the Corporate Rebels Lockdown Challenge. Send some positivity, cheer up a remote colleague, or celebrate the goodness of your work-from-home location.

Here's what to do.


It's damn simple. Spread some love through social media. Small or big, doesn't matter. Shout-out to 3 people you feel deserve it.

Start your sentence with:

"Shout-out to... ..."

... ...and end with #wfhShoutOut.

For example:

  • Shout-out to company X for giving me a comfy chair for the home office! #wfhShoutOut
  • Shout-out to my colleague Y for always checking in with me while I'm struggling at home! #wfhShoutOut
  • Shout-out to my boss for giving us the freedom we need in times like these! #wfhShoutOut
  • Shout-out to my 79-year old friend & colleague Ken for editing my crappy English! #wfhShoutOut

You get it. Positive work-related recognition in these strange times to help out a fellow worker.

Think big, start small

Think big, start small. Pretty damn cheesy, but you know it's true! Hop on board the lockdown challenge and follow our socials where we'll repost the love:

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