Turning Your Bucket List Into A Business

Written by Ellen
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While most companies spent the last weeks of the year making a final push to reach their targets (or spend their budgets), we reflected on how well we are fulfilling our mission to make work more fun. So, what have we been up to in 2019? And importantly, what will happen in 2020?

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Looking back on 2019

Thinkers 50

The #one highlight was in London last month. We were shortlisted for the prestigious Thinkers50 award (AKA the Oscars of management). This was alongside our heroes like Jos de Blok, Dan Pink, Megan Reitz, Amy Edmondson, and Isaac Getz. Plus, we won the Radar Award for best up-and-coming thinkers. We are happy to be recognized for the work we have been doing with you. This is a prize for our movement!

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Book release

Although it has taken a bit longer than we had anticipated. We are happy that the manuscript is finally finished, which means we will be publishing our very first Corporate Rebels book on March 2018, September 2018, Spring 2019, September 2019 02-02-2020. Last week we launched the book trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

If you want a free advance copy, make sure you follow the 3 steps in this post.

New website

In 2019 we also launched our brand-new website with which we are boosting the workplace revolution to make work more fun. Aside from fresh new pages like the bucket list and eight trends, we also launched the Corporate Rebels forum. The forum is an essential way for us to connect rebels all around the world. It encourage tens of thousands of monthly readers to discuss and share more experiences and knowledge. As we believe that rebels all around the world can help each other out. Together we can spark a global workplace revolution.

Growing the team

Aside from myself joining the team full time after a year of internship, we also welcomed Bram to the team. Bram is working on a significant research project at one of our largest bucket list companies Haier. He is documenting how they became one of the largest radically progressive organizations on earth.

He will be sharing more on that in the year to come. Stay tuned.

Rebel Events

2019 was an excellent year for the Rebel Events. We had events in:

  • London,
  • Berlin,
  • Zurich,
  • Adelaide,
  • Sydney (2x),
  • Milan,
  • Olso,
  • Stockholm,
  • And last but not least a 'home play' in Amsterdam.

Great to see so many people coming together with the same mission of making work more fun. As soon as we have new Rebel Events planned for 2020 we will anounce them on this page.

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One of the most important things for us is the research we do. Visiting companies to learn about their progressive ways of working is our priority. Happy to say we have had some great visits this year to (among many others) Dee Hock, Freitag, Atlassian, Breman, Handelsbanken, Bill Fisher, Smarkets, Versa, and the FOD.

Any inspiring companies we must visit it 2020? Let us know through this forum topic.

Now to 2020

So far, for our main highlights of 2019. Of course, we cannot forget all the work we have been doing within companies to change the way they work for the better. Great to see so many companies seeking inspiration and help to change the way they work!

Corporate Rebels book

On 02-02-2020, we publish our Corporate Rebels book through various channels! After three years of work, we are thrilled with the result. For how to get one of the free copies, see this blog.

Research & Sharing

Research and sharing are among the important things we do. Again, in 2020, that will be our number 1 activity. To do that we will be travelling a lot! Here is just a taste of what we'll be up to:

  • In January we will be in Zurich (13/01) and Milan (14/01) for client engagements.
  • In February we will be in Frankfurt (12/02) for a presentation, will travel to US's east coast, and we will be travelling to Austria for a winter break with the team.
  • In March we will be in Scandinavia again (after a great week in Scandinavia this month we are happy to be back there). We will be in Stockholm (24/03) for a presentation for the Innoday conference.
  • In April we have a client engagement planned in Moscow (09/04) and we will be in Stockholm (24/04) for the Workife Arena.

Exciting things are planned, as you can see. If we will be near you, or you have a good idea and would like to work with us, do not hesitate to send me an email at: ellen@corporate-rebels.com.

That’s all from us for 2019.

Let us know what your highlights were!

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