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The Corporate Rebels Academy is on fire! Right now we're running cohorts 1 and 2. And so far, it's exactly what we set out to create. People are engaged, building great connections and learning heaps. And a nice plus...the pioneers love it too!

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Welcoming more students

Cohort 3 (starting in September) has sold out. Today, we announce Cohort 4!

Class size is just 20 students per cohort. (Plus, one scholarship for someone working at a charity, NGO or similar.)

The course is all online, with two live sessions per week. (For Cohort 4, these will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm CEST). All other content can be accessed in your own time.

Cohort 4 runs from 6 September 2021 to 14 October 2021.

It's intensive! You’ll need to invest ~10 hours per week to get the most out of it, and this is best done in work time—not added to your working week.

If you wish to join, apply now (see below).

What you will learn

  • How progressive organizations work: Explore selected world-pioneering organizations in detail. Learn how they approach purpose, principles, roles, responsibilities, decision-making and self-managing structures.
  • In-depth case examples: Four in-depth case studies are presented via text, video, animation, live sessions and homework. You’ll learn from Buurtzorg, Haier, Viisi, and ner Group. And one of the world’s most radical change companies, K2K, will help you explore transformation strategies.
  • Skills and tools to designing a progressive organization: Each week, exercises help you translate the lessons to your organization. And there’s a weekly live session with fellow students to reflect, learn and digest.

Course material

You’ll receive on-demand content each week—in the form of video interviews, animated content, written case studies, and practical assignments. All can be studied in your own time.

And there are two live sessions each week:

  1. Live Questions and Answers: Two hours of in depth learning via a live Q&A session with employees from Buurtzorg, Haier, Viisi, ner Group and K2K.
  2. Peer Learning: Two hours of co-learning with fellow students. This allows you to reflect, learn, and share with classmates.

Live sessions are facilitated by excellent online facilitators. Joost or myself join the peer learning sessions for further reflection and learning.

What you won't get

To set the right expectations, we need to share what you won't get:

  • A one-size-fits-all solution: There's no single approach that helps you to become a great place to work. Yes, there are underlying principles that are extremely valuable. But their application varies from organization to organization. There is no silver bullet when it comes to new ways of working.
  • An easy time: The course would be a lot easier if we'd just share content and inspire you with stories of pioneer organizations. But the biggest value is in applying these lessons to your organization. That's not easy, but it's where inspiration turns into action.
  • A certificate: You follow this course because you are eager to learn, not because you're collecting certificates. We don't think a piece of paper will add any value to a business course like this.

Secure your spot

The course fee is €5,000 per person (excl. VAT). To secure your place, we ask for a 10 percent down payment when signing up. The balance will be payable one month before start date. Upon receipt of your down payment, we guarantee your place.

Ready to join in September? Contact Pauline and let her know:

  • Your full name
  • Company name and position
  • Why you want to join
  • What you want to learn
  • Invoice details

Contact Pauline here.

See you in September!

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