Launching Our New Newsletter (+ Secret Bonus Material)

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As I wrote in August, we're upgrading our newsletter. Now, we are ready to go live. Plus, for the true rebels, we're launching a secret newsletter. The goal? To increase support for you to make work more fun. And to expand the Rebels movement around the globe. Here's how...

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Building a movement

So far, we've always sent an email to notify rebels about new blog posts. That's all our newsletter was—a new blog alert.

Now, we are adding a twice-monthly newsletter to the mix.

Among other things, this new newsletter will include:

  • Community polls: This section will include a simple poll to gather insights from the Rebel community. Every newsletter, we'll ask one question, and share the outcome of the one before.
  • Pioneers in practice: This section will include inspiring news, updates, articles, books, podcasts, talks, documentaries and more on how pioneers around the world are changing the world of work.
  • Community news: News and updates from the Corporate Rebels community and beyond. Think: unique job vacancies, must-visit events, book publications, and more.

And (for the true rebels) we have one more thing you won't want to miss.

Secret newsletter: 'The Underground'

When we asked about your wishes for the newsletter, many requested tools and methods that would help you to make work more fun.

To be honest, that's a challenging assignment, and especially challenging to provide such tools at a regular pace. However, we feel it's our obligation to share something as valuable as that. That's why we've created 'The Underground'. This inner circle newsletter will include unique resources (like tools, templates, canvasses) and other cool stuff, specifically made for the true rebels out there.

To get access to this bonus material, there's something we need you to do. In our newsletter, we'll explain more. If you're interested, make sure you subscribe.

What to do?

If you haven’t yet subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so now. Just drop your email address below and hit 'subscribe'.

If you have already subscribed, you'll start receiving the twice-weekly 'new blog alert' and the twice-monthly 'newsletter'.

When we send out the next newsletter, you'll learn how to access our secret newsletter.

Stay tuned. And stay rebellious.