Good News: The Corporate Rebels Academy Is On Fire!

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In December we made a low-key announcement of our first course (May 3rd to June 11th). In no-time the 20 available spots were filled. For those who missed out, here’s good news!

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The response was so great we quickly decided to run a second cohort in May/June '21. Well, that almost filled too! We've got just 5 seats left.

It's great so many want to take your knowledge of workplace pioneering to the next level. Together with the pioneers, we look forward to welcoming you at our first course: 'Understanding and designing progressive organizational structures'.

It kicks off in just 4 months!

Announcing cohort #3

Here's a new opportunity for you. We will run a 3rd cohort, from September 6. Again, the limit is 20 pax, and runs over 6 weeks. The live sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm to 9pm CEST. The on-demand part can be done whenever you wish. The investment? €5,000 per person (excl. taxes), and 8-12 hours per week. One scholarship is available for someone working at a charity, NGO, or similar.

You will learn, in detail, how workplace pioneers have broken new ground. Indeed, you will learn directly from them in live Q&A sessions. These aren't just any pioneers. You will meet pioneers from Buurtzorg, Haier, Viisi, Ner Group and K2K.

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On completion of the 6-week program, you will have:

  • Detailed knowledge on how the most progressive organizations work;
  • Skills and tools to design your own progressive model;
  • Strategies to successfully bring change to your organization;
  • Access to a unique community of like-minded rebels.

Ready to join in September? Or claim one of the remaining 5 seats in May? Contact Pauline and send her your:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • What you want to get out of the course
  • Whether you want to start in May or September

Secure your spot now. Contact Pauline here.

More good news

There's more good news. There’s a lot of momentum in the academy, as enthusiasts jump on board to support the change to better, more human workplaces!

Additional pioneers to learn from

Let's start with the pioneers. More 'corporate rebels' have agreed to share their insights. Here's those who have joined, so far:

Talks with many more are in progress. You can see you're in for a treat when you join the academy.

Building a coalition

Other than the pioneers and students, we also need a team of rebels to guide students through their transformations. So, we are building an excellent team of workplace enthusiasts who know how to properly shake things up. We're excited to announce two additions to the coalition.

  • Kopernicana: Kopernicana consists of a lovely bunch of Italian rebels. They support companies changing to more progressive ways of working. We collaborate with them in many ways (e.g., they published our book in Italian, and we jointly support Italian clients). For the Academy, Kopernicana is designing the perfect learning experience. This includes assignments, exercises and micro-learnings. It’s all the stuff students need to start working with the course content.
  • Mark Eddleston: Mark is well-known in the 'new ways of working' field. He is the founder of the global Reinventing Work movement, runs his own online courses, and supports companies through change. He's an excellent addition to the team, with a unique talent for connecting people, creating a sharing atmosphere, challenging the status quo and opening people’s minds. Mark will be facilitating live sessions as he guides students through the courses.

Changing the way the world works

If we really want to change the way the world works, we need to inspire, educate and ignite millions of rebels around the world. We're working with this all-star team in the first steps to that change.

The Corporate Rebels Academy aims to be the platform to facilitate the workplace revolution. It's bold, challenging and ambitious. We're eager to get started.

Ready to jump on board? Reserve a spot in the 6-week organization design course now. Contact Pauline here.

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