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Here's something we've wanted to do for a very long time. A unique place to train, connect, and support those who are looking to radically redesign their companies. Think of it as a training camp for corporate rebels. Here's what we're working on.


The way we work is broken. Badly broken.

It was appropriate in a stable, slow and predictable world that no longer exists. People are cogs in a wheel of hierarchy, inflexibility, rigidity, and top-down decision-making.

Tight regulation and command-and-control structures no longer deliver optimal results. Our complex world is fast-changing, and the traditional model destroys organisations and frustrates people.

The facts:

  • 37 percent believe their job makes no useful contribution to society
  • 85 percent of employees feel disengaged
  • Global productivity growth is declining
  • Increasing bureaucracy and hierarchical systems


The good news? There is another way. A select group of pioneering organisations has cracked the code. Their people-centric organisational models allow them to create purpose-driven, passionate workplaces that revolutionise their industries. These progressives beat the competition with sky-high employee engagement, immense client satisfaction, increased productivity, and improved profitability.

Soon, you can discover how such pioneering models work. Learn how to:

  • Destroy outdated hierarchical structures and design a network of highly adaptive teams
  • Boost autonomy and entrepreneurship by killing off bureaucracy and top-down control
  • Use the latest academic and working-world insights
  • Benefit from case studies, animations, video, and audio content
  • Question pioneers via live Q&A sessions
  • Take advantage of proven transformation strategies

The Academy

We provide:

  • Six-week intensive online course
  • Class of 20 like-minded rebels
  • Powerful combination of on-demand content and live sessions
  • Lifetime access to a unique community

Are you eager to fully understand how the world’s most radical pioneers work? Are you ready to design a highly progressive workplace?

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