Online Course 'How Buurtzorg Works' (Early Bird Promotion!)

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Today, we are launching another course in the Corporate Rebels Academy: “How Buurtzorg Works.” This inspiring case study of highly successful self-management explains how Buurtzorg, an organization with over 15,000 nurses, has pushed the boundaries of home health care in the Netherlands by operating with 100+ completely self-managed teams.

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Buurtzorg is one of the organizations that inspired Pim and Joost during their many years of research. We are super excited to announce this new course, as we know that you’ll be blown away by their alternative management model based on freedom, trust, and autonomy. Their simple approach will be sure to inspire you to experiment within your own team or organization.

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From a hierarchical pyramid to a network of self-managing teams

Let’s face it. Many organizations today are still operating around an outdated hierarchical pyramid. It was designed for a world that no longer exists. It’s time to move beyond hierarchy and bureaucracy and embrace a network of small autonomous teams.

Corporate Rebels have collaborated with Buurtzorg for years now. During this collaboration, we gained unique access to their organization and people, and have gained an in-depth understanding of their unique approach to work.

With this information, we decided to create a course that brings together everything that we’ve learned about Buurtzorg throughout our years of research. You will also get to benefit from interviews that we’ve conducted with co-founders Jos de Blok, Gonnie Kronenberg, and Ard Leferink.

Here’s a sneak peek: a video animation on Buurtzorg's way of working. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Fully on-demand

The course is fully on-demand and made to be studied entirely on your own time and at your own pace.

This course will help you to:

  • Know how Buurtzorg implements self-management
  • Apply practical insights from coaches and nurses
  • Learn how to set up self-managing teams
  • Bring new skills into practice for your own transformation

The content is delivered through text, video, animations, graphics, assignments, and workbooks.

After completing this course, you’ll have expert knowledge of Buurtzorg, a self-managing organization.

More than a course

As always, when you purchase a course at the Academy, you automatically join its community. This means you gain access to a global network of like-minded people who are enthusiastic about changing the way they work—people just like you. In the community, you can join events, form groups around specific interests, join various discussions, and share your progress with the rest of the community.

Want to know another cool perk of being part of this community? Once you're a member, any future course that you buy will be available to you at a discounted price. How could you say no to that?

One time offer: discounted tickets available for two weeks only

To celebrate the launch, we are offering discounted early bird tickets for two weeks only. The last day to purchase the course for a discounted price will be the 10th of June: During these two weeks you can purchase the course with a 20% discount.

So, here's what you get in total:

  • A course about Buurtzorg. A case-study in highly successful self-management
  • One year's access to a global community of rebels and pioneers
  • 20% discount for two weeks and pay €800 (instead of €1,000) (excluding VAT)

Want to get your hands on this exclusive one-time deal?

Click here to purchase now

UPDATE: This promotion has ended. To purchase the course, use this link.

You know how the saying about early birds goes...

Time to start the countdown. See you there!

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