Why You Should Never Be A $10,000 Parrot

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In his book The Heart of Business, Hubert Joly, the former CEO of Best Buy, vividly describes the story of the $10,000 parrot. The story is too good not to share.

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The story goes like this:

The $100 parrot

A woman walks into a bird store and sees a parrot. "How much is this parrot?" she asks.

"A hundred dollars," says the store owner.

"This parrot is special: it can speak over a hunderd words, makes coffee, and reads the newspaper."

The $1,000 parrot

The customer nods and sees another parrot, which sells for a thousand dollars.

"That parrot," explains the store owner, "is even more special: it speaks five languages, makes a full breakfast, and delivers press briefings."

The $10,000 parrot

There is a third parrot, however.

When she asks how much that parrot costs, the customer is shocked to find out that it costs $10,000.

What could this parrot possibly do to justify such a premium?

"No one knows," the store owner replies.

"But the other two call it 'boss.'"

Moral of the story

Never be a $10,000 parrot. Don't be such a boss. Just don't.

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