It's Time For Something New.. And We Need Your Help

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It’s time for something new. We want to kick-off a new phase in the evolution of the Corporate Rebels. We want to intensify the fight for better workplaces—with your help. Specifically, we want to scale the impact of all Rebels around the world.

Behind the scenes we’re working hard to change up a gear—and we’re almost there. But, before we announce all the cool news, we want to ask for your help.

Building the platform

In 2016, before launching the Corporate Rebels, we built our first website from scratch. We taught ourselves how to code—and spent way too much time working in HTML! With the benefit of hindsight, it was a stupid decision.

Nevertheless, the website did what we wanted it to. It shared our vision and our stories in a simple, clear way.

In January 2017, we built a new site using WordPress. We designed it to give more focus on the blog posts. We aimed for two posts each week. It seemed to work. The number of unique monthly visitors grew even more quickly.

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Today, the number of visitors continues to grow. But we still think it’s time to aim for another level of impact. So, we are again working to upgrade the Corporate Rebels site. We want it to become even more of a platform than it already is—a platform that supports the corporate rebellion in various ways.

Can you help us?


Over the past two years, various guests have kindly shared their stories, perspectives, and expertise. But these have been limited. Most posts were still written by us.

We now hope to better leverage the knowledge and insights of the Corporate Rebels movement. Of course, we will still post blogs about our visits to Bucket List pioneers, and about the rebellious practices we discover.

But we want to give more room to fellow rebels: including rebels fighting for change inside organizations, researchers at the forefront of organizational design, CEOs and founders in creating wildly inspiring organizations, and many, many more.

That’s why we invite aspiring contributors to come forward. Just drop us an email at The guidelines? Rebellious, practical content that has the potential to change workplaces for the better—and written in clear language.

Feedback, ideas, and suggestions

And we have one more request. Would you please take a moment to reflect, and then send us your ideas for improving the website?

Let us know what you currently miss, what you would like us to add, or what you want us to do differently. Just drop your suggestions in the comment section below.


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