Radical Transparency: Powerful Example of How to Fight a Toxic Workplace

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After visiting 100+ pioneering organizations around the globe we found radical transparency to be an important characteristic of the progressives. Simply, people are more involved, perform better, and have higher trust if their leaders foster a culture of transparency (instead of a traditional culture of secrecy). Today we share a truly inspiring example of how one organization put this into practice.

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Secrecy - the silent enemy

Secrecy is the default setting in traditional organizations. It is also a silent enemy. Secrecy results in information asymmetry, usually between leaders and others in the organization. This imbalance leads to negative effects like distrust, ignorance, gossip and poor performance.

Put simply, how can you have faith in leaders who limit access to the truth? How can you trust leaders who prefer to share corporate propaganda instead?

You can't.

Transparency at work

Pioneering organizations believe radical transparency is vital, at all levels of the organization and on almost all topics. The starting point is simple: all information should be made public.

We have seen this at many of the 100+ organizations on our Bucket List. We saw it again this month in this inspiring statement by the leadership group of Cards Against Humanity.

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It seems brave, honest and human.

What do you think? Do you think it is powerful? Or do you think it is a bridge too far? Please let us know in the comments below...

p.s. There are always two sides to every story - read the other side here.

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