The Rebel Event Aftermovie (And New Tour Dates In Australia And The Netherlands)

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On May 3rd, we organized our first Rebel Event at the Parktheater in our hometown Eindhoven (Netherlands). The event, that served as the official kick-off for our Corporate Rebels Tour, turned out to be a big success. We were very pleased to welcome an international crowd of fellow rebels coming all the way from Holland, UK, Belgium, Germany and France. Now, one month later, the aftermovie is ready and we can't wait to share it with you.

The Rebel Events

The Rebel Events are an important way to realize our mission of making work more fun. The events are focused on (1) connecting like-minded Rebels who are ready to create a revolution in the way we work, and on (2) sharing our discoveries of the world’s most inspiring workplaces.

To connect with fellow Rebels, you will meet like-minded individuals ranging from employees, HR leaders and CEOs who are ready to change organizations from the inside out, to consultants and advisers who are supporting organizations in their transition towards better workplaces. To share our discoveries, we share what we have learned from a long list of inspiring employees, CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, and academics. We will discuss the most important trends, best practices, tools and beautiful transformation stories.

The Rebel Events are interactive full-day events and are open for everyone to join.

Join us at our upcoming Rebel Events

The Corporate Rebels Tour continues and we have added some new exciting destinations to our list:

June 14 - Berlin, Germany 

Next Wednesday the Rebel Event will be held in Berlin (a very big thanks to the local support from here.

July 4 - London, UK

Our first British Rebel Event will be held in the beginning of July at the beautiful Roffey Park (a very big thanks to here.

July 26 - Utrecht, The Netherlands

We teamed up with Bucket List company Get your tickets here.

Our newest destination: Brisbane!

August 25 - Brisbane, Australia

We have been secretly working on this beautiful location for a while and we are excited that we can finally reveal the newest location of our Corporate Rebels Tour. In August we will go Down Under and we will be organizing a Rebel Event in Brisbane, Australia. For this Rebel Event, a very big thanks goes out to pre-register here.

Get the Rebel Tour to your city

All our Rebel Events are organized in close collaboration with local Rebels. So, if you’d like to add your city to the list, contact us through here and let’s find out if we can further expand the movement.

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