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Last week we announced our upcoming contact us.*

Expanding the movement

The Rebel Tour is meant to further expand the movement for better work. Fellow Rebels from around the world join forces to share knowledge and meet like-minded individuals to make a significant change in the way we work. The next stop for the Rebel Tour is in June in Berlin!

During the event we'll take you on a journey along the most inspiring workplaces in the world. We share what we learned and provide practical insights into creating more engaging work. Also, there will be plenty of room to get to know fellow Rebels and share ideas on how to start a corporate revolution.

Event details

The details of the Rebel Event:

Goal To share the lessons learned and to provide tools for a happier workplace

How Through a rebellious, highly interactive, full-day workshop

When Wednesday June 14 2017 from 09.30 - 17.00 (lunch and drinks included)

Where Berlin (Germany)

Price € 123,97 for normal tickets (excl. VAT)

Included Lunch & drinks

You can directly order your ticket here.

If you have any more questions (or if we need to convince your boss to pay the fee), don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to meeting you on the 14th of June!

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George Pór

George Pór

If you guys would notify Enlivening Edge of your events,
our 2000+ readership could bring more attendance to them.

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