Rebel Event: Join Us And Discover What We Learned From Over 50 Workplace Pioneers

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UPDATE: We sold out within 3 days! No ticket? Email us and we'll add you on our waiting list.

Over the last year we have traveled the world to visit more than 50 of our Bucket List heroes. We interviewed a long list of employees, CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, and academics. We read a huge amount of books, articles, research papers, and blog posts. We've been to conferences, workshops, and a wide variety of talks. We talked to everyone who wanted to teach us or to those who wanted to learn from us. It has been a highly exciting and incredibly educational experience so far.

During this amazing time we have shared much of what we discovered so far. Through blog posts, articles, workshops and talks around the world we were able to share the main lessons we learned from the pioneers on our Bucket List. During our journey we noticed lots of interest in these 'new ways of working', tools, and best practices of the organizations we visit.

Especially during the previous workshops we did, we came in contact with like-minded people ready to make a change in the way we work. Ranging from employees, HR leaders and CEOs who are ready to change organizations from the inside out, to consultants and advisers who are supporting organizations in their transition towards a better way of working. We feel our impact can grow tremendously if we continue to build this network of Fellow Rebels through our workshops.

It is therefore that we have decided to organize our very first Rebel Event! Together with Fontys) we will bring together more like-minded Rebels to share what we learned and join forces to change the way we work.

The number of tickets for the event are limited, as we want to keep the workshop very personal. So make sure you reserve your seat right away.

You can directly order your ticket here.

If you have any more questions (or if we need to convince your boss to pay the fee), don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to meeting you on the 3rd of May!

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