New Rebel Events In Milan, Oslo, Stockholm, And Amsterdam

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More Rebel Events have been added to the calendar—in cool cities like Milan, Oslo, Stockholm, and Amsterdam! See below.

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Rebel Events

Our target is one Rebel Event a month somewhere on the globe.

These one-day events are perfect for rebels to meet and unite. We share what we’ve learned from pioneering organizations. And you meet like-minded people—people who have joined the crusade for better workplaces.

We dive into progressive trends and practices. We show how 100+ organizations have transformed their workplaces. We show why these are organizations where people love to work.

Now, we add more cities to the tour.

A bit of background..

In January 2016, we – Joost and Pim – quit our frustrating jobs in organizations that drained our motivation, talent and potential. We chose to rebel against the status quo. We believed – and still do – that the world is a much better when people love their jobs.

But we are still far from our goal. An astonishing 85% of all employees are disengaged at work. This ‘disengagement epidemic’ infects many.

Symptoms? Burnout, stress and work-related accidents. But there’s more than individuals in pain. Their organizations suffer from the virus too. Profit evaporates, innovation is stifled, and productivity suffers when people don’t like their work.

It’s clear there’s plenty to be done. With dedication and passion, we continue to be catalysts for making workplaces more fun.

What to expect

A practical, interactive and inspiring workshop on how to build a workplace people love. We take you with us on a journey along highly engaging organisations from around world. Based on the lessons we learned from 100+ workplace pioneers, we get to work.

Together we will explore how we can improve your team’s or organisation’s way of working. The framework of the day will be the "8 Corporate Rebels trends".

New cities

Here are the cool new cities we've added to the list : Milan (Italy), Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Full calendar

Once again, we thank the partners who support us by making these events a reality. We are grateful for support from our co-organizers:

  • Spaces: the global coworking company. Through their worldwide coworking and offices they provide a home for a community of "interesting professionals doing exciting things";
  • Milan-based consulting company Primate Consulting, which helps companies to become more progressive workplaces;
  • And one of the most progressive organizations on our bucket List: here.

Join the movement

Join like-minded people. Join us at an event. Join the revolution for radically better workplaces.

See you soon!

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