Rebel Forum: #Brainfood, New Pioneers, And Rebel Of The Month

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Recently we launched the completely new Corporate Rebels website. One great new feature is the forum - a place for discussions, advice and support for rebels around the globe.

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In just a few weeks, hundreds have created a Corporate Rebels account and joined the movement to make work more fun. Slowly but surely, forum contributions are growing. Here are some highlights from recent weeks discussions on the Corporate Rebels forum.


Omer Ongun created a topic to find out what the community is currently reading. His question, “What are you reading these days? #brainfood", triggered lots of inspiring content.

Check out the growing reading list here and be sure to add your recommendations.

Bucket List suggestions

Joost created a topic and asked for suggestions of other Bucket List pioneers. Loads came in. We've already added some to our Bucket List. We will visit and research them in our quest to learn how to make work more fun.

Any more pioneers you'd like to add? Go to  this forum topic to share your suggestions. Oh - and don't forget to say why you believe they should be on the Bucket List.

Ending ridiculous CEO pay

Did you know the CEOs of America's largest companies make 278 (!) times more money than the typical worker? Ridiculous, right? We wrote a popular post on how salaries grew to these enormous amounts.

As a result, several people shared ideas on how to end this rotten practice. One of my favorites came from Daniel:

"[...] The "Corporación Mondragón" policy is very simple: salaries range from 1 to 6, that's all. This means that if the lowest gross monthly salary is 2.000 EUR (not far from reality), the highest one in the Corporation will be 12.000 EUR, which means that GMs of the biggest and most successful cooperatives, as well as the CEO of the Corporation, won't be earning a yearly salary of more than 144.000 EUR. For sure this policy is not perfect as it is not exempt from problems with talent leaks and talent attraction, but it's a real life example on how a big corporation deals with this issue: just by defining an adequate, reasonable, and market aligned ratio from lowest to highest."

Check out more tips in this article.

Rebel of the month

As of now, we'll regularly award a 'rebel of the month' to put the spotlight on someone who has contributed above-and-beyond to the community. The very first 'rebel of the month' is Stephen Lock.

Stephen not only wrote a widely shared guest blog with powerful content, he also contributed to other forum topics to elevate discussions and create more value for community members.

Big thanks for that, Stephen! Keep up the good work!

Join the forum

For now, head over to the forum and see for yourself what's going on. Share your questions, comments, ideas, and insights. Leverage the wisdom of the crowd.

See you there!

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