Delphine Roigt

Delphine Roigt

Self rebel

Montréal, Québec , Canada

I studied in communication, law and ethics. I work in healthcare organizations in ethics, helping people make sense and alleviate suffering. My purpose is kindness and connection.



I was transformed by reading Laloux and had the pleasure of visiting him and his beautiful family in Ithaca. I had Jos come to Montreal 2 times and lucky to call him a friend. I don’t believe the way things are done is nor fair or fun in the workplace. I am tired of helping people tolerate the intolerable so I have been trying to do things differently. I am looking to associate and connect with people wanting to change the world!

Favourite pioneers

Frederic Laloux
Frederic Laloux

Thinkers - United States

Jos De Blok
Jos De Blok

Doers - Netherlands

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