Adelaide, Australia

An experienced not for profit leader with a bent for commercial acumen and finding better ways of delivering value.



My WHY? is to contribute to a world where every citizen is a valued and engaged member of a community. I seek to do this by building financially sustainable, human centred organisations.
As an experienced for purpose leader I work to build a culture of collaboration, innovation and goal achievement, providing staff with opportunities to develop their skills and achieve the mission and vision of an organisation. My capabilities and experience encompass leadership, change management, business development and growth, staff development and coaching, strategy development and implementation, financial management and strategic relationship development and management. Throughout my leadership career I have made significant contributions to the bottom line of the organisations I have worked with as well as positioning organisations with key customers and stakeholders as leaders in their field. In addition, I have implemented change projects across organisational culture, compliance and new business with a focus on collaboration and participation of all affected.

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