Isabel Fidalgo Carvalho

Isabel Fidalgo Carvalho

Equigerminal, S.A.

Coimbra, Portugal

I am a veterinarian with a doctorate in virology. A rebel who loves to solve real animal problems in a business context. In 2010, I resigned from a steady job at the academy to found Equigerminal.

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A workaholic who has been failing since 2011 in the business model based on R & D + I for horses, my passion.
Very idealistic, focused on building a sustainable business. Not focused on immediate profit, but on doing something useful that works at the root of the problems at the Animal and Human Crossroads - One Health
I have already changed my strategy several times in an attempt to succeed ... I am passionate about animals, especially horses, and viruses.
Yes, viruses are neither good nor bad. They are a form of communication and harmonious adaptation among other species. We are made of viruses, more than 30% of our genome. If there were no viruses, we humans would not exist. For without retrovirus there would be no placenta and mammals.
I don't like the academic environment because is much more about unreal models, egos, power and economy than knowledge and being connected with the real world.
I would like to learn more about corporate organization to succeed.

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