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Business Psychologist, leadership thinker, retired competitive swimmer, amateur stand-up comedian & recreational boxer.

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Richard Wood - the bilingual learning and talent development business psychologist with over a decade of experience in China. Let me tell you what that means:
Bilingual – British English & Mandarin Chinese
I am one of those rare Brits who have seriously learned a foreign language. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese – reading, writing, listening & speaking – all the skills! How fluent is fluent though? I regularly conduct workshops entirely in Mandarin to great acclaim from client organisations. I do meetings in Mandarin and even a keynote speech or two.
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I give great learning experiences when facilitating training workshops on topics such as leadership, business acumen, talent management, change implementation, project leadership, organisational alignment & innovation.
In addition to being a fun and engaging facilitator, I am also a dab hand at developing customised learning modules and interactions. This gives learners a lasting experience and focuses them on the all-important issue of application.
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Odd as it may seem, my approach to talent centres around caring about the talents. I like to use psychometric assessments, coaching and informal methods to build individualised pathways. I have been known to create things like ‘onboarding bingo’ to inject fun into proceedings and bring more life to the employee lifecycle. My work-in-progress creation is the penning of 'Gold Medal Leadership' - my own take on leadership.
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Business Psychologist
My academic background and lifelong learning in Psychology and Occupational Psychology gives me a laser focus on the people, groups & cultures in work organisations. Professional psychology aside, I have cultivated my own consultative style which maintains my openness to novel solutions. To this end, I read widely to engage in my own continuous learning and to find new inspiration for my work.
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