Giuliano Zorloni

Giuliano Zorloni

Symphonie Prime

Roma, Italy

Founder and CEO @ Symphonie Prime | Founder and Prokurist - Hoverture Europe AG



I am an Entrepreneur | Founder | Investor | Leader | Author | amateur Designer and Painter
# 2021 - Founder and CEO @ Symphonie Prime
# 2021 - Founder and Prokurist @ Hoverture Europe AG - Deutschland
# 2020 and 2016 I have been managing director for ICEG within Accenture. In this role I focused on advising companies on sales and marketing digital transformation, new social and customer engagement, large-scale project implementation and organizational change.
# 2016 and 2010 I have been actively engaged as founder, partner and shareholder within New Energy Group. I have been also cofounder of Bit2win CPQ Gartner Magic Quadrant software vender, I worked to acquire Mind digital agency in Milan and Aborda in Madrid. New Energy Group has been acquired by Accenture in 2016. As angel investor I made minor investments within digital startups.
# 2010 and 2000, I served Siebel Systems and Oracle as Southern Europe first and Western Europe Communication Media and Utilities Consulting lead later.
Before, I have held various local and international leadership roles.
⚖️ PhD Electronic Engineer @Politecnico di Milano
⚖️ Design Thinking @INSEAD
# Author of “Design Thinking Keynotes”
# Based between Rome, Milan and Munich, interested in entrepreneurship, lean organization, startup, share economy, crowdfunding, product design, arts, life hacks, golfing and sailing.
# Engaged in groundbreakings, I learnt to use the word impossible with greatest caution...

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