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Aaron Dignan

The Ready

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Founder The Ready and Murmur, Author of Brave New Work and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast.

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Everywhere he looks, Aaron Dignan sees the same phenomenon. Our most trusted and important institutions—in business, healthcare, government, philanthropy, and beyond – are struggling. They’re confronted with the fact that the scale and bureaucracy that once made them strong are liabilities in an era of constant change. For the past ten years, he has studied organizations and teams with a new way of working that prioritizes adaptivity and autonomy over efficiency and control. Aaron contends that teams everywhere need to join them in the future of work.
As the founder of The Ready—a global organizational transformation and coaching practice—he helps companies large and small adopt new forms of self-organization and dynamic teaming.
His latest start-up is Murmur. Murmur takes your team from @#%! to a better way through the magic of agreements. Agreements are collaborative documents that clarify team norms, processes, policies, and other ways of working. Teams that make and keep agreements are happier and more effective.
He is the author of Brave New Work (www.bravenewwork.com) and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast (http://apple.co/2TfqTmH)

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