Alex Hirst

Alex Hirst


Oxfordshire, The United Kingdom

Co-Founder of Hoxby and Co-Author of 'Workstyle: A Revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society'



Inspired by his personal experiences of managing burnout and fatherhood, Alex is on a mission to embed the idea of workstyle into the very fabric of digital age working practices.
Alongside co-founder Lizzie Penny, he has founded a successful B-Corp called Hoxby and more recently written their much anticipated book: Workstyle: A revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society.
A husband and father of two young children, Alex is a working parent whose workstyle accommodates the daily needs of his daughter, his son and his wife. He understands the importance of gender equality and his role as a male leader in changing the narrative for the benefit of women and wider society.
His workstyle also includes an hour each day for his own mental health and wellbeing. Whether learning a new sport, exercising at the gym or tending to the domestic chores. Alex is very aware of the need for self-care in preventing burnout and cares deeply about evolving work into something that gives people energy rather than depleting them of it.
He does this through The Workstyle Revolution and through Hoxby - using workstyle to bring about wholesale inclusion and therefore create diverse workforces that are more collectively intelligent when it comes to solving problems. Hoxby’s clients include Unilever, Amazon, AIA, Merck and many others.

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