Anna-Marie Swan

Anna-Marie Swan

17dm Creative

Creuse, France

I am energised by innovative creativity and solutions, especially when aiming to bring something special and regenerative into the world, and fascinated by tools and systems organisations can utilise to make them a space that lifts the human spirit.



Whether through the work I do with my partner at the small creative agency we created, or alongside people that are also exploring how we approach the wicked problems of our time, I am mostly found writing, networking, designing, reading, and enquiring into what it looks like to live a life that is whole, purpose-full, and very much me. I am at my happiest when helping actualising new ideas into something impactful and real. I also love new ventures and collaborations, and get stupidly excited by unexpected solutions and ideas being actualised through grounded and imaginative solutions, determination, courage, and curiosity. As a natural systems thinker, I spend a lot of time observing and investigating human and group dynamics, and am fascinated by what tools and systems groups and organisations can utilise to make them an environment that serves the human spirit and enables good things to happen.