Wildling Shoes GmbH

Engelskirchen (near Cologne), Germany

Founder and Managing Director of the minimal shoe brand Wildling Shoes (



Anna Yona, founder and managing director, founded Wildling Shoes in 2015 together with her husband, Ran Yona. After reading Middle Eastern Studies and English Literature at Tel Aviv University and working in marketing and as a freelance translator and journalist, she settled in Israel. There she met her husband, Ran, and started a family. In 2013 the family moved back to Germany. The biggest challenge here was buying shoes for the children, who in Israel were mainly used to running about barefoot. There seemed to be no shoe that would meet their requirements regarding freedom of movement, sustainable materials and fair production. And just like that, the idea of Wildling Shoes was born.

Wildling Shoes wants to play a part in bringing people back into more direct contact with the environment, thereby promoting a more active lifestyle. Thanks to the thin, flexible sole on ethically produced minimal shoes, every step becomes a sensory experience. Unlike conventional shoes, the minimal shoe concept enables a natural gait, helping people to regain their enjoyment of being active. Wildling Shoes uses robust and long-lasting fabrics made of natural materials, and is committed to fair working conditions and environmental standards during the hand-crafted production in Portugal.

Today, Wildling employs 140 people - most of them young parents working part time from home. Not only for the New Work environment Wildling Shoes has received several awards, including a prestigious German founders’ award and the German Design Award.

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