Eva Reiterer

Eva Reiterer


Wolfsberg, Austria

I am second generation CEO of a translation service provider which I've helped empower to grow from a minor provider to one of the top 193 worldwide. I feel an aching pain to change the way we work and I'm striving to create the change I want to see.

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I dream of a world where people don't go to work just because they have to, but because they can really fulfil their true potential at work and therefore find meaning in it. I want mothers and fathers to leave work everyday feeling fulfilled, positively challenged and most of all inspired - so that they can pass on this feeling to their children, thereby making the world a better place.
I'm reading everything I can about this matter and the book Corporate Rebels really struck a chord. I love experimenting in my own company, hoping that we will be so successful because of our people-centered way of working that some day we will be interviewed for a book like Corporate Rebels, so that even more companies get inspired and dare to make some changes.

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