Balasubramanyam Prema Vinayak

Balasubramanyam Prema Vinayak


Bangalore, India




In late 2006, I took the plunge into HR and initially it felt like, as it were, I was scaling a steep summit. It really did.
During the initial months I thought about quitting approximately 5,000 times (And that’s a lowball estimate). But despite the high winds, mental & physical fatigue and domain knowledge overdose, I kept going. I put perseverance to work, building winning HR solutions, processes & teams, working with the best talent, providing world class employee experience touching all aspects of employee life cycle. All this and more makes my story a labor of love for HR.
And now when i look back, I see that I didn't climb mountains…I managed to move them.
With all that I've done over the years, I realize building HR processes and teams ground-up, cross-functional collaboration and relationship building have become my very nature and not merely the skills I acquired. I’m now a professional well-versed in HR Ops Set-up & Delivery, HR Process Design & Reengineering, Building Winning Teams, HR Solutions & Transitions, Project Management and HRMS systems implementations.
I managed to intergrate this passion into my personal life focussing on making the most of every minute I have on earth!
Off work, I love solo traveling and eating my way around the world, listening to music, watching movies and writing. Professional cricket and a fair bit of competeive sports still keep me going.
I'm a realist who embraces complexity and challenge with tenacity. My personal mantra is 'never leave anything to chance'.
Happy to connect and learn from you.

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