Brunello Gianella

Brunello Gianella

BLUQUIST | Measure. Match. grow.

Schwyz, Switzerland

It is essential for your success that you get to know and appreciate others and yourself more deeply - this is the only way you can use your resources where you have the highest fit.



"Those who do not reveal themselves as persons are inserted into the mainstream by digital algorithms."
Like no other, I stand for change and the unbridled drive towards results and success - whether as a strategic sparring partner, coach, mentor or keynote speaker.
I love to accompany people on their way to success. Individuality, goals, emotions and values are indispensable success factors for me.
Each of us has what it takes to be a performer, each of us carries the genes for success within us. It is the unique mixture of motives that makes up our personality.

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Gary Hamel

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