Claudia Dornhoefer

Claudia Dornhoefer


Basel, Switzerland

As an HR professional I have the privilege to daily work with people - mainly to support them to unleash their potential.



I’ve spent all my professional life working in Human Resources - mainly in life sciences and across the globe. Born and raised in Germany I’ve made my career by taking on roles, that by the time no one else wanted to do. This way, I’ve led HR in Eastern Europe, supported M&A activities (a couple of acquisitions yet mainly divestments), worked with work councils and till today look to spend as much time as feasible to shadow / learn the biz that I support. I’ve worked in Asia, Europe and Americas - always with high levels of energy given the impact I can have in my role on coaching teams, biz and individuals. At this stage, I support Clinical Operations - an area ripe for disruption. Transformative changes in the space have massive impact on patients around the world.

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Eddie Obeng

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