Carol Middleton

Carol Middleton

Social Care Network Solutions

Cheshire, The United Kingdom

I am someone who likes to help make the best use of technology in an environment that is flexible and supportive. I hope that wherever I have worked colleagues will have noticed changes that I made to that end as a leader.

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Having climbed the ladder from programmer to being General Manager (Director) of a UK company that became Ticketmaster Systems, I moved into the world of social care as an Operations Manager for a small, successful, independent foster care company later acquired by a larger organisation.
I am now at a company, Social Care Network Solutions [SCN] that provides systems to help those how are at the front of service delivery in the social care environment, i.e. foster care, adoption, residential care, adult services, etc. but also animal care. My previous company is among our clients.
SCN set out to be a social enterprise before I joined in 2016 hence we are all called SCN Colleagues. However, there is still much to be done to achieve the goal of real sociocracy - in my opinion. That's why I share and forward the Corporate Rebels emails to enlighten as many colleagues and organisations as possible.

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