Craig Terblanche

Craig Terblanche

Digital Futures

Johannesburg , South Africa

As an Advisor and Coach, I'm passionate about the future of digital and how corporates, individuals and entrepreneurs will remain relevant given digital distribution. What's your passion, purpose and plan to stay relevant?

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As Chief Transformation Advisor at ExoSystems I focus on helping clients transform exponentially. Continuous digital improvement is linear, exponential transformation requires radical thinking about business models, innovation and most importantly people, practices and mindset.
Digital Transformation is more about people, practices and mindset than it is about technology. Once we've trained on the technology we find that the Exponential Transformation Sprint brings the right critical thinking to bear to effect the fundamental change necessary to drive exponential growth.
Adaptability is made possible with the right capabilities, resourcing and financing. Let us show you how to apply the right resources to the right initiatives that have been validated for your market and customer. Before we build a prototype we establish the investment confidence for your initiative through software experiments that get funding and grow markets.

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