Donna dibbert

Donna dibbert


Ormskirk , The United Kingdom

I have my own business supporting leadership development, understand cultural value to differentiate plus improve employee engagement in businesses I love it when people find their voice and take action to create a fairer and more purposeful world



I am a mum of 3 daughters (louise ,Alice and Eleanor) and have 1 granddaughter (Lenni) and an amazing supportive husband (Carl)
I support LFC and enjoy travel, yoga, fitness and shaking the world of work up
I worked for Agfa, Bayer and Siemens and believed that there are always different ways to do things
I am a change management practitioner, an executive coach and systemic team coach, a lean practitioner and am certified to run power and systems when culture meets and organisational workshop based on the amazing work of Barry Oshry
I love the book reinventing organisations and had the pleasure of participating in a conversation with Fredrick laloux
I want to be a participant in life

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Frederic Laloux
Frederic Laloux

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