Dr Ross Wirth

Dr Ross Wirth

The Org-Change Doctor

Tulsa, OK, The United States

Currently on a journey to Design Organizations that are Built for Change

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I am currently in my third career. #1 was 32 years in corporate life, mainly working in strategic & operations planning and "special projects." Career #2 was academia, first as Business Administration Program Chair, later as Dean for the College of Business. Current (#3) involves independent consulting, writing, teaching org-change, and hosting the Change Management Network.
My current passion is collaborating on designing organizations built for change. This journey started three years ago when investigating the low success rate of organizational change, something essentially unchanged for over 20 years. This led to a search for new change models for routine, adaptive change, and eventually to studying "control" in organizations. This focus on control has now taken us into network weaving, purpose alignment, and effectuation (entrepreneurial spirit & supporting processes).
Other collaborators on humanizing organizations and equipping them for routine, adaptive change are welcome - https://www.changemanagement.network/groups/1697446/feed

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