Grazia Maria Giordano

Grazia Maria Giordano

Milan, Italy

I help organizations that want to make a leap towards growth, make it easier to get things done in less time by overcoming organizational complexity and reshaping the way people work within the organization itself, with their clients and their partners



My approach “People Friendly Processes” brings the person at the centre of the processes fostering the best working environment where people thrive while generating significant benefits in terms of efficiency and speed of delivery and resource optimization.
People Friendly Processes in Business Travel help balance the different needs, designing a Business Travel Experience with the Traveller and the business objectives at the centre.
Besides Business Travel, the ”People Friendly Processes” approach can be used in different contexts such as Product and service innovation, Customer Experience design and improvement, Employee Experience design and improvement, Project Management, Change Management, where it generates meaningful benefits in terms of efficiency, speed of delivery and people commitment.
I love using tools from different fields of the management theory, mixing more traditional instruments such as Lean, Organizational Design, Change Management and Procurement best practices with “new” tools such as Design Thinking and Storytelling.
I've started my consulting business after a 20-year career in the corporate world (Procter & Gamble, Vodafone), where she covered several positions within Financial Control and Procurement.
I'm also an International speaker on topics as Design Thinking, Collaboration, People Centricity. I speak four languages (Italian, English, French and Dutch) and I live in Milan with my husband and three daughters.

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