Imelda McLarnon

Imelda McLarnon

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As a kid I spent my summers on my families farm. Few years ago I relocated to rural Ireland to live the dream, to finance that I went to work helping a mate to grow sales within his Poultry business, my first role was debt recovery getting the money in.

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I've reached the golden years. 5th decade on planet earth. Love problem solving which is just as well cause I have a rather large problematic family. :-) Love kids, family, traveling, sales, tech and good beer. I married young, have 5 grown up globe trekkers and avid chefs, 6 grandchildren, 7th on it's way and a library of books collected over the years. Reading is my favourite past time. I've had a very lucky life and the smarter I've worked the more that luck has permeated my family reverberating back thus enhancing all our lifestyles, wellbeing and success, even the failures were great shared learning curves ......... Always tend to keep my sunny side out believing that when things go wrong, most likely our clan has been saved from a stray bullet.

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