Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

Winnipeg, Canada

After struggling with my own health and learning to be resilient, I have learned the value of health and well-being. This is why I have created Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. and founded the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

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For more than 23 years, I have worked with organizations and busy professionals to address difficult conflicts, respect at work and wellbeing. I have worked in unionized and non-union workplaces, private, post-secondary and public institutions across industries and came away knowing more needs to be done.

I now know that we cannot attain change with an old mindset, nor can we sustain change without developing the relevant competencies, nor can we heal our workplaces until we are well.
Contact me to learn how you can become a wellness competency mindset teacher or coach or to a partner or sponsor of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

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