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GTA, Canada

Professional speaker, Change Leader, Executive Coach, 4th degree black belt in martial arts, certified as Board Director, educator of PhD's. Sees what is there. Thinks critically. Communicates with resolve, honesty and the intent to bring useful change.

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University of Toronto - HBSc (neuroscience), MHSc (Risk), Rotman School of Business – Advanced Strategic Change management, Executive Programs: MIT - Systems Dynamics, McGill - Finance, BMG - Master Black Belt in LeanSigma, RFI- Structural Consulting / Coaching Certification Program
Certifications - Executive Leadership Assessments, Organizational Culture Diagnosis & Change (OCI), Fellow in Board Governance (FBG), 4th degree black belt Taekwondo.
Kirby also has 2 YouTube channels on Taekwondo
Kirby’s Unleashed Thoughts here.

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