Kris Plumley

Kris Plumley

ClearFist and FSI

Derbyshire , The United Kingdom

I’m Kris. I consciously work at being happy. In the balance of my life I have a Clearfirst that at its core is a pest control company. Out side of that I work with FSI. My FSI business card and email footer, says “specialist contracts”.


Born in 1967. Married to Hayley. No kids. One dog (parsnip). Enjoy cycling. I’m enthusiastic about life. Love developing people and businesses. I’m a business mentor for the princes Trust. I recently flirted with retirement. But realised it was only about acknowledging I could. I’ve never worked hard. But I get a lot done. I’m materialistic and I’m ok with that. I know it comes from having a “disadvantaged background”. Or as I see it. The best schooling for self reliance, tenacity, goal setting and a hint of rebellion. I’m sure there is way more, but that gives a flavour.

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