Lani Beer

Lani Beer

King & Wood Mallesons

Melbourne, Australia

Born in the UK and made the switch for love and to live by the seaside, my dedication to helping others make a difference in their work is unparalleled, heavily fuelled by reading, asking impactful questions and listening. I coach, lead and mentor people.



I am passionate about uniting people and teams to identify pathways through adaptive problems and opportunities.

I cultivate the potential of individuals and leaders and bring the kind of cadence and vision teams require to continuously adapt in a rapidly changing world. My belief is, imagination thrives when people are motivated by their sense of purpose, connected to their team, and held in a container of psychological safety. As an engaging and embodied presence, I can quickly conjure connectedness and creativity amongst large groups. I am notorious for my ability to focus on diverse audiences on common goals to produce tangible and actionable outcomes.

I began my career pioneering change and collaboration with global organisations and teams to achieve considerable business and customer value. I have spent significant time enabling financial services organisations to progress agile ways of working within all levels of the organisation.
I am currently working on innovation at a leading law firm, where I am developing creative and agile mindsets and capabilities.

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