Lotten Tegstam Welinder

Lotten Tegstam Welinder

Gaia Leadership

Lund, Sweden

A developer, a contributor and an energy injection who interacts with corporations and individuals through asking questions and listening. Identifying which the real questions are in order to be able to move forward might take time, but it's worth it.



A true believer in beauty; the sensation when a person realizes a quality in herself that has been hidden, or a really good meeting, or an inclusive change movement, or a pair of painfully gorgeous boots, or the courage to show your vulnerability and the need for meaning, that is beauty to me. This value has become increasingly important as I have navigated from a corporately employed leader with predictable every day to free and self-employed partner to several organizations and people. My expertise is to explore the why of an organization and to test it together with executives, creating and navigating in a strategic landscape of vision, misson, values and meaning.

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