Mette Visser

Mette Visser


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I design creative, vibrant, resilient and conscious organizations. Organizations that can navigate the complexity of today's and tomorrow's world. Where we can explore new and unknown perspectives by using creativity.



For as long as I can remember, l want to make the world a better place.
As a little girl I spent days tinkering and drawing.
Was always discovering the beaten track. Always searched for new possibilities.
Nothing was crazy or self-evident. Everything could be investigated and queried.
My creativity was a way to shape myself and my world.
When I started working as a designer for a commercial brand after the Art Academy, I discovered I also had very clear ideas about organizing, collaborating and leading.
For over 20 years, in addition to designing collections, I was managing creative teams and I was part of the board.
I have a designer approach. A designer wants to improve. I research and question existing systems, structures and cultures and look for new perspectives.
I am used to designing processes that lead us away from existing patterns.
Feel comfortable on unexplored territory where new paths can be laid.
New ways of living and leading.
I want to make an impactful contribution to transforming organizations into dynamic, engaged, successful and creative companies.
Where people work and lead based on curiosity and abundance. Where purpose, people, planet and profit can thrive collectively.

Favourite pioneers

Ricardo Semler
Ricardo Semler

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