Mike Hohnen

Mike Hohnen


Marseille, France

I inspire good managers to become great team leaders

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I believe that...
- customer loyalty is the key to building a great service business including strong profits and growth.
- marketing is not a department it is the way we do things, touch point by touch point - consistently day after day.
- employe engagement drives the exceptional customer experience
- the team leader - at any level - is crucial to engagement. Most managers, including the CEO, are also team leaders - never forget that.
- good managers are not automatically great team leaders - being a great team leader is a learned skill.
- bad leadership that is not addressed is the invisible drag that slows our growth and profits.
- Bad team leaders represent a considerable hidden cost, they cause increased staff turnover and decreased customer satisfaction. The kiss of death in the service business.
- we spend far to little effort coaching our managers on the leadership aspect of their job - we assume they will work it out - it is an irresponsible but common practice.

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