Mikhail Lvovskiy

Mikhail Lvovskiy


Wroclaw, Poland

Im HR professional with over 20 years experience. I’ve been working over last 15+ years in large multinational corporations, currently in Electrolux covering European Operations organization (Manufacturing, Supply Chain)



A year ago I suddenly realized why had I felt so uncomfortably reaching out large regional HR roles.
I came across the book “Reinventing Organizations” by F.Laloux and realized what made me so unhappy instead of bringing satisfaction from reaching next mile in my career.
Since then I re-thought completely my professional Highest Purpose and re-reputed my efforts to bring real value to the Corporate world which I see as trying to change it towards human-centric, modern organizations.
I’m building my network and already joined People (R)evolution, Teal around the World movements and now discovered the Corporate Rebels which I am eager to step in.

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