MIchael Tingsager

MIchael Tingsager

Hospitality Mavericks

Brighton, The United Kingdom

I help hospitality and restaurant leaders to develop and grow themselves, their teams and their organisations to unleash their potential to achieve extraordinary performance and results by putting people first.

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I have the last 20 years been fascinated and obsessed to understand why some hospitality and restaurant businesses outperform and outlast others no matter the outside conditions.
Year on year they steer their businesses to profitability - without having to make trade-offs when it comes to employee and customer experience. And its today very clear to me they built companies that put people first - they er simple build and operated very different than the average company.
I have been living and breathing this industry from the day I was born, starting working in my mom and dad’s small restaurant group in the rural Denmark from early age, and spending 6 years building +20 unit cafe chain and working more than 11 years with McDonald’s and a number of years as a consultant in the industry.

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