Michela Tomei

Michela Tomei

Freelance Executive Coach

torino, Italy

Indipendent Counselor & Executive Coach, I facilitate managers and professionals in discovering how to step into their next professional evolution. A cross-cultural experience, a focus on training and self development in 20+ years as HR in multination


I bring along my deep knowledge of the business culture and organizational dynamics together with my long term investment in self development. From my experience, I believe todays' organizations are no longer sustainable from the people's organizational point of view. Hierarchies, low innovation degree and little contamination with the external communities, competitors and new trends, will get them stuck. I love the naming "Corporate rebels" because I fully identify in it. After 22 years working in full alignment with big corporation in my HR roles, I have finally taken the toughest decision: to leave the Corporate world and start the search for new inspiring paths to support a new organizational development in the business. Thank you

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