Nick Parker

Nick Parker

Exeter, The United Kingdom

Organisational change specialist based in Exeter, South West England. My aim is to make this region a crucible for the 'next stage' way of organisational being. Going quite well at the moment

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With a heritage in the countryside and farming and a career in large public sector organisations I have an ever evolving interest in how systems work. For years I was an advocate of New Public Management, Lean and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. That was until I did an MSc at Ashridge. Now, using the work of Laloux as a foundation, I aspire to make the South West of England a crucible for the 'next stage' way of organisational being. With the support of the RSA Fellowship I set up the Reinventing Work programme in the South West, which is evolving into a global network. Some of the companies that have joined us on the journey have achieved enormous success in terms of whole organisation engagement and the tangible outcomes of increased profit, organisational expansion and awards. The public sector in the region are tentatively stepping forward and beginning to engage.

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Jos De Blok

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