Pedro Gaspar Fernandes

Pedro Gaspar Fernandes

Lisbon, Portugal

I am a neo-generalist, both a specialist and generalist, a knowmad, a restless multidisciplinarian, who is forever learning. A catalyst for change and renewal who traverses what many see as separate domains...



I can facilitate the transformation that your organization needs in a Human, Agile and Kaizen Lean way.
Let's shape the organizations of the future while having in mind that frequently the solutions lie within.
This can only be achieved by having a critical perspective about ourselves, asking the right questions, reinventing how we work, disrupting the "status quo"​ and thinking differently.
Setting up people and organizations to succeed in a VUCA world:
I believe it's urgent to humanize the workplace, placing the right people in the right areas, creating a context where they can thrive and see their potential maximized supported by tailored processes and the right tools and resources that will enable them to succeed, setting up a virtuous circle of success.
I'm also an Innovation and Trend Researcher/Analyst and as a Futurist, I usually provide reports, insights and sources of inspirations to organizations and teams so they can be prepared, envision and create the future before it happens.

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